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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

Among its vegetation there are species characteristic of the basal grounds, such as the rock roses and groups of sabinas that can be found as one ascends. The almond trees, an introduced species, are outstanding among the large open spaces. There is also Spanish broom and well noted for its beauty is the Mount of Tree Lucernes (monte de los Escobones), as only this tree specie grows here, that together with the pine mass and the high mountain underbrush complete the plant landscape.

Natural Protected Spaces

Teide Natural Monument

Teide National Park

It occupies a small sector in the far western area that includes the slopes of the stratum volcano Pico Viejo

Forest Crown Natural Park

With a series of volcanoes and associated malpaíses, that are part of the summit of Abeque, among which was located the historic eruption of Chinyero (1909). It features important flora and fauna species.

Teno Rural Park

It is a spectacular landscape with impressive cliffs along the coastline and the rocky terrain of this ancient massif, that is a refuge for numerous and rare endemic plant and animal species.

Chinyero Special Natural Reserve


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