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In the neighbourhood of Arguayo the pottery tradition persists, reproducing sculptures, cups, milking pots, gánigos (a kind of vase), cauldrons and millo (sorghum) roasters, all made out of purple and black clay obtained from the volcanic ashes.

Well worth visiting are the Patio House (Casa del Patio) and Press-houses (Lagares), a lordly mansion from the XVII century, on its way to being declared a historical artistic monument, as well as the parochial church of San Fernando, with its cupolas in the form of orange halves which are the work of reforms carried out in the XX century, together with those carried out in other parts of the temple. The latter in its interior preserves interesting pieces of art.

Among the local celebrations the most notable are the Festivities of Carmen, held on the Sunday closest to July 16, in Puerto Santiago, including a marine procession and pilgrimage to the temple.

The Festivities of Santiago del Teide, with the pilgrimage to the volcano up to Los Baldíos, where the lava from the 1909 eruption reached, the image of Christ and the Virgin of Los Dolores are both carried on the shoulders of the penitents from the church of San Fernando, passing through the Valle de Arriba.

Calendar of Popular Festivities in Santiago del Teide
January 5th Cavalry of the Three Wise Men. Los Gigantes
One week after the Santa Cruz carnivals Carnivals of the Giants Carnavales de Los Gigantes
Holy week. Representation of the Passion. Valle Santiago
First week in May Festivity of the Holy Christ. Valle de Arriba. Pilgrimage
May 15th Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador. Arguayo
June 13th San Lorenzo. Retamar
Last week in June San Pedro and San Pablo. Valle Historical quarters
Sunday nearest July 16th and beginning of September Our Lady of Carmen. Puerto Santiago
Last two weeks in July Festivity of Santiago Apostle
July 26th Festivity of Santa Ana. Tamaimo
July Camino de Santiago desde Los Realejos a Santiago del Teide
August 15th Festivity of Our Lady of Candelaria. Arguayo
End of August Santa Rosa de Lima and La Purísima. Molledo
End of September San Joaquín and La Paz. Tamaimo
October 12th Our Lady of Pilar. Las Manchas
End of November Pilgrimage of Chinyero. Las Manchas
December Living Bethlehem. Tamaimo. Valle Santiago
Cultural Interest Centres

Municipal Archive

Phone: 922 863 127

San Fernando Rey Parochial Archive

Phone: 922 864 090

Arguayo Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 863 127

Las Manchas Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 863 127

Valle de Arriba Cultural Centre

Phone: 922 863 127

Guaninfa Cultural Centre. Tamaimo

Ethnographic Museum and Cha-Domitila de Arguayo Pottery Centre

Carretera General, 34. Arguayo

Phone: 922 863 465 / 922 863 127

Cultural Information Office. Cultural Council of the Guildhall of the Villa

Phone: 922 863 127

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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